Traditional ceramics courses (pottery and painting) designed for everyone.

Architectural Ceramics

Design and creation of hand-painted architectural ceramics.

Promotion and Research

Guided tours, exhibitions, historical reports for restoration.


We offer a variety of workshops and courses, both regular and one-off. Please feel free to contact us to design a bespoke workshop that best suits your needs.


Hand-painted ceramic tiles by the BarroAzul team, designed for architectural applications. Our full catalogue is available in the 'Architectural Ceramics' menu.

Team BarroAzul

We are here

Our workshop is located at Calle Alfarería, 9B in the heart of Triana, just off San Jacinto street in a small square. We are very close to the Ceramics Centre of Triana, the Hotel Montalván, and the Triana Bridge... and many other unmissable spots .

About BarroAzul

BarroAzul was founded by Paula Felizón (Anthropologist and Ceramist) and Antonio Librero (Art Historian and Cultural Manager) who, from the distinct perspectives of their disciplines, have been working in the world of ceramics for years. After collaborating as documentalists at the Ceramics Centre of Triana, they decided to share their knowledge with visitors of Triana. 

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