BarroAzul is a project that aims to conserve the ceramic heritage of our city through workshops, courses, visits and many other cultural and informative events. At the same time, it is a space located in the very heart of the most prominent pottery district in the city, Triana (Calle Alfarería, nº 9-B). The workshop is available to all who love clay work, whether they are beginners or experts, where they can develop their skills, pursue their creative projects, or just have a good time doing pottery.

BarroAzul was born thanks to Paula Felizón (anthropologist and ceramist) and Antonio Librero (art historian and cultural manager), who have been working in the world of artistic ceramics from the perspectives of their different disciplines for years. After collaborating as researchers for Centro Ceramica Triana, they decided to apply and share their knowledge in a unique and personal way to each person and group who comes to BarroAzul.

And, in case you want to know where our name comes from (BarroAzul - BlueClay), we leave you with the explanation in the words of one of Triana's last potters, who is featured in the videos on display at the Centro Ceramica Triana. He described the types of clay which they worked with in the potteries of the neighborhood:

"From the plain of Triana the blue mud was brought, which was like gray, it was very good, almost gum, but it was very rough and it was cracked. There was another yellow clay, which was called "alagartao." This was added to the blue so that it would not break and give it more strength, both were extracted from the same area, but with different veins ". - Juan Martín, former potter of the Santa Ana Factory (Triana, Seville).

Workshop: Become a Ceramist for a Day